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Sea Star Wasting Disease

On-going studies of the sea star wasting disease which has killed thousands of sea stars of more than a dozen different species along the west coast of North America.

Neil McDaniel

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summary, “Virulent Disease Attacks Sea Stars along the West Coast of North America”

The Sponge Reefs of British Columbia (One-hour High-definition Documentary)

While carrying out sea floor mapping in Hecate Strait in the mid-80s, scientists from the Geological Survey of Canada discovered huge reefs of living cloud sponges. These spectacular reefs are the last living examples of 7,000-km-long sponge reefs that spanned the European continent during the Age of the Dinosaurs. Using submersibles and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) this HD documentary will explore these unique reefs and other smaller bioherms that have been found within the Strait of Georgia, some within diving depths.

Life in Cold Currents (One-hour High-definition Documentary)

Canada’s Pacific coast features a maze of islands and fjords with a shoreline more than 27,000 km long. Driven by tidal changes of as much as eight metres every six hours, powerful tidal currents sweep through the passages and channels along this coast. This documentary explores the fascinating diversity and abundance of life that thrives in these turbulent passages.


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