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The Legacy of Truk Lagoon

The Ship Sinkers

With dramatic historical footage and stunning underwater cinematography, this one-hour documentary tells the story of World War II at Truk Lagoon. On February 17 and 18, 1944, the American carrier forces attacked the formidable Japanese naval base. The defenders were overwhelmed by the air barrage, code-named "Operation Hailstone." Interviewed 50 years after the shattering event, Trukese survivors, Japanese and American veterans share their stories.



(cinematographer, writer, producer)

An inside look at the process of turning aging, rusting hulks into thriving artificial reefs—from initial cleaning and preparation to explosives rigging to the last minute chaos and tension as the clock counts down to zero.

Neil McDaniel



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The Dugongs of Abu Dhabi

Gold Rush Ghost Ships


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